Events | 15 August 2019

On September 1, Alexey Savvateev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, taught the first class of the new master’s program in Game theory. This unique program became a reality at Adyghe State University due to a close collaboration with the Caucasus Mathematical Center and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Game theory is the main mathematical instrument of modern research in economics. It is also a tool to acquire relevant disciplines: relativity theory, econometrics, methods of optimization, and data analysis. During the course of the program, master’s students will be able to improve their strategic thinking and will learn to make more weighted and justifiable decisions. They will learn to understand current research in economics, both theoretical and applied (whether such research is oriented toward business-applications or state policies). The alumni of this program will be able to work in science-related business, public administration, or academia.

The classes for the master’s students of this new major take place at Adyghe State University and receive a diploma from Adyghe State University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Instructors of the program in 2018-2019:

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