Adyghe Team succeeds in the All-Russian team Olympiad of schoolchildren in programming

News | 10 November 2019

Saturday, November 6 was the last day of the prestigious cross-country IT competition. The finals of the twentieth Olympiad took place simultaneously in several cities in Russia as well as in a number of neighboring countries.
Conditions-wise, each three-member team has five hours to solve a number of math problems, a computer and a permission to use any textbooks, manuals or personal notes.  The Olympiad itself has an extensive participants’ selection system. Participants are admitted either after successfully completing regional competitions or on-line ones.
Members of the Adyghe team – Andrei Goguadze, Anton Rosin, and Anton Loboda are students of local Maykop schools. All three of them are ninth-graders and trainees of the Republican Scientific and Mathematical School. RSM schoolteachers – Marat Aliev, Djambolet Shovgenov and Mikhail Kasparyan were the Adyghe team trainers. Our students got well-deserved third place. Congratulations to the winners and the participants!

Address: ul. Pervomayskaya, 208, Maykop, Republic of Adygea, 385000, Russia