2019 Astrophysical school pageant for high school students

News | 3 December 2019

December 1 is a special day for the Astronomy buffs all around the country. Today high school students (8th grade, and up) can submit their applications for the second pageant competition in Astrophysics Science School for senior students sponsored by the “Trajectory” Fund. The studying period in question encompasses 2020-2023 academic years.
Admission rules are as follows:
– eighth graders in Russian schools (Russian and foreign students);​
– Russian citizens of the appropriate age who study Math, Physics or Astronomy abroad;
– Russian speaking foreign citizens of the appropriate age who study Math, Physics or Astronomy.
Read more in the  в разделе 3 Положения о конкурсе. 
Selection process is arranged on a competitive basis.
Participation is free for all students who meet all the necessary requirements. The registration is open from December 1 2019 until January 19 2020.
Within this time limit, all participants need to fill in a questionnaire. After that they will receive a creative project task on one of the astrophysical or astronomy issues. We advise to complete the registration process as soon as possible because the creative assignment will take up at least a month.
In order to compete successfully, each student needs to Для прохождения конкурса необходимо:
Please, forward all the submitted files via e-mail and converted to either doc or pdf formats only.
Solutions to all problems pertaining to one subject must be contained to a single file document in the above-mentioned formats. Files that do not meet those terms shall not be submitted for perusal, and the results would not be considered admissible.
Covering letter (a letter of recommendation) should contain clearly stated arguments proving the participant’s genuine interest in the subjects and a list of his\her achievements in the fields of math, physics and astronomy. The participant’s teacher or tutor can write the letter in question.
Completed assignments, followed by a letter of recommendation are to be submitted until midnight (GMT), of March 15. The participants will have access to the list of problems for 24-hour period on 1 March.
Solved assignments are to be submitted within the ensuing 24 hours GMT. Preliminary results will be issued on 13 March.
Final list of participants of the APS II will be published on May 24.
Astrophysical school is a three-level course of intra- and extramural lessons on astronomy, physics, astrophysics, mathematics and English as well as a number of pre-planned spring and summer courses with famous scientists as guest-lecturers, work with unique equipment and practical scientific research.
APS participants will get first-hand practical experience in scientific research and problem solving. The first intramural course will take place at the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Nizhniy Arkhyz in August 2020.
If you have any questions, please, contact us at astroschool@traektoriafdn.com.

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email: info@cmc.adygmath.ru