Regional center Polyaris-Adygea holds a customary board of trustees meeting

News | 14 November 2019

November 12 the Republican Scientific and Mathematical School hosted a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Regional Center for Support of gifted children “Polyaris-Adygea”.

Deputy Prime Minister Natalya Shirokova supervised the meeting in the absence of the President Murat Kumpilov.
The meeting was attended by the regional branch CEO of the “Talent and Success” Educational Foundation CEO Artem Lopatin and Artem Oganov, a member of the President’s Council on Science and Education, as well as representatives of the local authorities and educational establishments of our republic.
Daud Mamiy, ASU Rector presented the Board with the report on the projects, events and venues in which the above-mentioned organizations and institutions promote and support gifted children throughout the Republic. The leading role of the Caucasus Mathematical Center, Republican Scientific and Mathematical School and educational foundation “Talent and Success” in the successful implementation of the Summer Mathematical School, CC “Orlyonok”’s All-Russian Mathematical Shift, and the mathematical program in “Sirius” and the annual Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad.
At present students from fifty different regions in Russia as well as from abroad take part in various educational, creative and recreational projects. Republican Scientific-Mathematical School alone has over 1600 enrolled students and 50 instructors covering neally all branches and fields of modern science.
Moreover, there is a number of ethnic and cultural projects underway, aimed at promoting Adyghe language and cultural heritage.

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