Selection process for the November Math Educational Program is ON!

News | 20 February 2020

Students from grades 6-10 may apply, if they live in the following regions:

The submission period starts on February 20, and lasts until the middle of March. Only registered participants are accepted.

Please, direct your questions concerning participation to

The selection process for 6, 7- and 8-year students implies an online prep course, approximately between March 1 and April 25. The course participants need to pass their final exam that will take place on April 26. Exam requirements and regulations will be available on our web site no later than April 17.

The following students are allowed to take part in the final in-person tests irrespective of their prep course results:

The overall results and the list of participants will be posted online both in the Sirius.Online system and on their official website no later than April 28.

The final in-person preliminary round will take place on May 16, 2020.

The selection process for the 9- and 10-year students is as follows:

Firstly, website registration is required. The selection accomplished on the basis of academic achievements of each participant.

No preliminary course is necessary for students who:

Children with outstanding abilities and achievements have a distinct course admission advantage.

The list of students with admission priority will be available on Sirius official website no later than May 20, 2020.

The list of November educational program participants will be available on Sirius official website no later than June 20, 2020.

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