MSU Professor Sergei Malkov gives a public lecture at ASU Sports Palace

News | 17 February 2020

Sergei Malkov hosted a public lecture “Mathematical modelling of socio-economic and political processes” in the Conference Hall of the ASU Sports Palace “Yakub Koblev”.

Sergei Malkov is a Russian mathematician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Scientific Advisor of the Center for the Long-term prognostics and strategic planning (Lomonosov Moscow State University), professor, expert in mathematical modelling of social, economic and technical system dynamics as well as cliodynamics.

Mathematical modelling provides additional clues about reconstructing of a historic event as well as constructing of prospective realities. This kind of research, besides being a fascinating past time in itself could be approached with an angle for cross-disciplinary problem solving.

Mathematical modelling of diverse processes (socio-economic, political, ethno-cultural, natural and climatic etc.) – is a promising field of cross-disciplinary research, advantageous for Humane Arts scientists as well. Joint research in the fields of Humane Arts and Nature Studies emphasizes the prognostics element of this approach.

This was one of many issues discussed at length after the lecture within ASU scientific circles. Professor Malkov’s visit to ASU is yet one more proof that ties between our universities are getting stronger every day.

Address: ul. Pervomayskaya, 208, Maykop, Republic of Adygea, 385000, Russia