Festival of mathematics

The festival of mathematics is an event for the whole family, although primarily it is organized for schoolchildren. In the 2018-2019 academic year, four festivals were held, two of them in the city of Maykop, one in the Maykop district and one in the Takhtamukaysky district.

The festival for younger children, held on April 9 in the city of Maykop, was organized based on the unique methodology of the author of the series of books “Unusual Mathematics”, “Games for Beginner Mothers”, “Mathematics in Your Hands”, “Pie with Mathematics” Evgenia Katz (Moscow) . Other festivals were designed for students in grades 5-11. The stations at the festival were developed by Evgeny Shiryaev, Head of the Mathematics and Physics Laboratory of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum, and Nikolai Andreev, Head of the Laboratory for Popularization and Propaganda of Mathematics at the Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Natalya Kuznetsova

“Thanks to the organizers, thank you for inviting interesting guests!!!”

Zhanna Panesh

“It was very interesting. The kid loved it. Thank you for such a wonderful event”

Natalya Pakhomova

“Thank you very much, children are very impressed”

Anna Korovkina

“Thank you for organizing such an interesting festival! So many positive emotions! The kid didn’t want to leave”

What happens at festivals?

During the festival, children move between different stations, where they are introduced to mathematics in a game or lecture form. At the stations, schoolchildren can watch scientific films in a mathematical cinema, solve puzzles, put together non-periodic parquet, wander through a no left turn maze, build a self-supporting structure, or test their knowledge in mathematical games.

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