Mstislav Keldysh All-Russian Olympiad of School Students in Informatics

News | 21 June 2019

The results of All-Russian Olympiad of School Students in Informatics are out.
It took place on June, 16th, among 5-8 grade students, who scored more than 240 points in All-Russian Schoolchildren’s Contest in Mathematics and Moscow Olympiad of School Students in Informatics (Regions).

The Olympiad took place for the first time this year, with 172 participants from 40 Russian regions. Two venues – Moscow Centre of Teaching Excellence and Sirius Education Centre – hosted the contest. The participants had 4 hours to solve 5 problems, arranged on a “simple-to-complex” basis, from counting the number of Russian flags in a colorful maze to calculating the formula for future Olympiad-hosting cities, with no time limit and other special conditions.
Anton Loboda, student at the Republican Science and Mathematics School, second degree diploma winner.

The RSM School has two more third degree diploma winners: Andrey Goguadze and Anton Rosin.

Our congratulations to the winners.

Mstislav Keldysh All-Russian Olympiad Results.
Sirius Education Centre website.

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