Mathematical Park

Regional School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is the only place in Russia to host a Mathematical Park. This unique project was created by the School, together with the Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Science and Caucasus Mathematical Center. People can walk in the park, discover mathematical figures, and solve math problems.

Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad

Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad takes place in the South of Russia since 2015. Students from the South of Russia and from the Caucasus and Black Sea countries can participate in the Olympiad. Apart from the competition, the program includes an interesting cultural program: lectures, museums, and trips to the mountains.

Southern Mathematics Camp

Education center “Sirius” together with the Caucasus Mathematical Center hosts Southern Mathematics Camp for students of Grades 7-11 from the Southern and Northern Caucasus Federal District of Russia.

All Russian Camp “Young Mathematician”

Every year, Russian Children Center “Olyonok” hosts Russian Camp called “Young Mathematician” and Southern Tournament in Mathematics. The program includes a tournament of mathematics games, school of mathematics, lectures in math, humanities and science, entertainment, and health improving activities. Famous instructors, scientists, researchers, and coaches of the Russian national team in Mathematics work together to make this program successful.

Summer School of Mathematics

Summer school of Mathematics takes place in Adygea since 1995. Students of Grades 7-11 from Adygea and other regions of Russia come to the education and recreation facility of Adyghe State University called “Mountain Legend.” Instructors from Adyghe State University, students from Russian universities, famous instructors from different regions of Russia come together to teach at this summer school.

School of Modern Combinatorics and Game Theory

Republic of Adygea hosts School of Modern Combinatorics and Game Theory. The program includes lectures in modern combinatorics and game theory, practical and creative activities, and workshops. School is designed for undergraduate and Master’s students from the faculties of Mathematics. Apart from classes, students can attend cultural and sport events and hike to the Caucasus mountains. The participation is free for selected participants.

Mathematical guestroom

The guestroom unites public lectures and meetings with leading Russian and foreign mathematicians whose contribution to science is invaluable.

Mathematically Running Maykop

The participants have to find locations and solve as many math problems as possible. The participants can choose which stations to choose. Obvious stations are marked on the map, and the volunteers on sight check the solution and give points right away. The hidden stations can be discovered if the problem is solved correctly. The teams can choose their strategy themselves.

Festival of Mathematics

A joint project of the Caucasus Mathematical Center and the Regional School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The festival consists of interactive stations which students can attend and listen to popular science lectures, solve puzzles, put together constructors, test their knowledge in math games.


Address: ul. Pervomayskaya, 208, Maykop, Republic of Adygea, 385000, Russia