Regional Research and Educational Mathematical Center at Adyghe State University – “Caucasus Mathematical Center” (CMC ASU) is a structural unit within Adyghe State University, and it is oriented towards improving mathematical research and quality of mathematical education in the Republic of Adygea and regions in the South of Russia.

This Center is one of the six mathematical centers that are being opened in Russia. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation opened such centers at Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kazan Federal, South Federal, and Yaroslavl universities. In 2017, all these universities were the winners of the competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Research of the Russian Federation. These universities got an opportunity to open a mathematical center based on their potential and their suggested program of development for mathematics and mathematical education in the university and in the region. The research team consisting of the faculty from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science from Adyghe State University together with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology received a grant to open Caucasus Mathematical Center under the research guidance of the federal professor Andrei Raigorodsky.

Caucasus Mathematical Center consists of the following departments:

  • Department for scientific research
  • Department for educational programs in higher education
  • Department for the popularization of mathematics
  • Department for Olympiad training
  • Department for secondary school mathematical education
  • Department for information technologies and distant learning
  • Department for the support of mathematical projects.

Goals of CMC ASU are the following:

  • To create an educational space that unites all levels of education in the Republic of Adygea on the basis of mathematics
  • To create conditions at Adyghe State University that will allow to improve the quality of math research and to bring it to the international level
  • To improve the level of teaching at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Adyghe State University for the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in “Mathematics and Mechanics”
  • To improve the ratings of Adyghe State University, to form an image of ASU as a university with perspectives and possibilities for the alumni of math programs
  • To develop collaboration with leading research and educational centers in Russia and abroad
  • To form a “cult” for mathematics and “fashion” for math education in the Republic of Adygea
  • To create good conditions for bringing leading IT-companies to the Republic of Adygea.

Main directions of CMC ASU:

  • Development of mathematical research at Adyghe State University;
  • Modernization of university educational programs;
  • Systematic search and support of mathematically gifted children in the Republic of Adygea;
  • Collaboration with the educational system of the Republic of Adygea;
  • Popularization of math among children and adults in the Republic of Adygea;
  • Development of information and distance learning technologies for teaching math;
  • Collaboration in math with leading research centers in Russia and abroad, regional research centers of the Ministry of Education and Science, and with universities in the South of Russia.

Address: ul. Pervomayskaya, 208, Maykop, Republic of Adygea, 385000, Russia
email: info@cmc.adygmath.ru