Popularization of Math

Mathematical Park

Regional School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is the only place in Russia to host a Mathematical Park. This unique project was created by the School, together with the Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Science and Caucasus Mathematical Center. People can walk in the park, discover mathematical figures, and solve math problems.

Family Olympiads

Family Math Olympiad is a team competition in solving unusual math problems. The participants can choose the level of difficulty and solve problems. At each level of difficulty, teams solve 8 problems in 60 minutes and write the answers in a special form. Each correctly solved problem brings one point to the team.

Mathematical Running Maykop

At the start, all teams get maps where the places with problems are marked. During two and a half hours, the teams have to visit as many places as possible and solve the problems there. The teams can choose the route and difficulty levels of the problems. Each correctly solved problem brings points for the team.

Quest “Intellectual Maykop”

The goal of the quest is to visit different places in Maykop and solve as many problems as possible. The problems come from various fields: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and computer science. Each correctly solved problem brought points to the team. The teams consist of the members of the same family. The teams can choose the routes themselves.

Festival of Mathematics

A joint project of the Caucasus Mathematical Center and the Regional School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The festival consists of interactive stations which students can attend and listen to popular science lectures, solve puzzles, put together constructors, test their knowledge in math games.

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