As you well know by now, a lot of renowned mathematicians and economists visit Caucasus Mathematical Center and Adyghe State University in order to give short lecture courses on various scientific topics for students and post grads.


The biggest mathematical event of the year in Adygea is over. For five days and two rounds almost 200 teenage mathematicians from fourteen regions and nine countries proved to themselves and others their worth, strength, determination and mathematical prowess. Their works were written, examined and discussed at length.

29 May 2020

The 16th All-Russian Camp “Young Mathematician” will be held from September 7-8 to September 27-28, 2020.

26 May 2020

The 16th All-Russian Camp “Young Mathematician” will be held at the children’s camp “Olympic Village” at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Orlyonok” from September 7-8 to September 27-28, 2020.

25 May 2020

Educational center “Sirius” released the results of the All-Russian sci-tech projects competition “Big Challenges – 2020”.

21 May 2020

Vkontakte, MIPT and GSOM launch a free-of-charge educational course for IT teachers.

Video Channel

The “Mathematical Guestroom” at the Caucasus Mathematical Center hosts public lectures and meetings with leading mathematicians whose contribution into science is invaluable.The second guest of the “Mathematical Guestroom” was Alexandr Gaifullin (Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics).

Rules of Life. Live from October 22, 2018 (Culture Channel)

Daud Mamiy is telling about Mathematical Park to the Alexei Begak, host of the “Rules of Life”

News Program of Maykop TV from October 10, 2018 “Experimental Economics” by A. Filatov

Alexander Filatov (Far Eastern Federal University)
Experimental Economics is a part of economics that researches human behavior and tests the predictions of the economics theory in the conditions of a controlled experiment. The experiments in economics are analogous to the ones in Physics, Chemistry and other natural sciences. The only difference is that their subjects are people who make the economics decisions in experimental laboratories or computer classes where they play games. During the lecture, the audience got introduced to the basics of experimental economics, learned about interesting examples, and took part in some real-life experiments.

“Mathematics As a Pleasure” (in Russian)

Daud Mamiy (Deputy Head of the Caucasus Mathematical Center, Chair of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at ASU, director of the Regional School of Sciences and Mathematics) will show that Mathematics is beautiful and one can get pleasure from solving problems.


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