Opening ceremony of the fifteenth “Young Mathematician” session

News | 11 September 2019

Today was the day of the official opening ceremony of the fifteenth “Young Mathematician” session at the Palace of Sports and Culture at the All-Russian Children’s Center “Orlyonok”. The children were greeted by Bogdan N. Pyts, the Head of “Solnechny” children’s camp and Dmitry Yu.Kuznetsov, IT and Mathematics school expert at the University Preparatory Center (National Research University the Higher School of Economics).

For the next few days, session participants will compete in the mathematical tournament, under the leadership of Prof. Kuznetsov. The tournament in question will take place for the twelfth time. This year it will comprise thirteen Senior League teams (10-11 grade) and eighteen from the Junior League (8-9 grade). Timofey Kovalev, International Mathematical Olympiad’2019 gold medalist is competing on his own (results).

The tournament itself consists of three games: Domino, Duel and Penalty. The winners will receive diplomas and valuable prizes.

May the best Young mathematician win!


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