Vkontakte, Mipt And GSOM (St.Petersburg University) put together Machine learning course for IT teachers

News | 21 May 2020

Vkontakte, MIPT and GSOM launch a free-of-charge educational course for IT teachers. They will learn the basics of machine learning and will be able to apply them in their work. Among the topics under study – IT-projects management and motivational techniques. The teachers who pass the whole course will receive a teacher training certificate.

The course will be based on stepik.org platform. It consists of 21 video lessons, each with its own topic. It will be available 24/7 till August, 24. Half of the module will be dedicated to theory; the other half will include practical tasks. The videos are short (7 – 15 minutes, max) with makes them convenient for quick perusal on the way somewhere or in-between things. Homework assignments and additional resources will be provided, as well as a sn community for the participants to ask questions and share their insights and experiences.

Course instructors are:

The course is available to all teachers. You can sign up right now: stepik.org/course/71439/promo

The course consists of three modules:

Once the course is completed, all videos will be available on VK. There would be no viewing restrictions but the viewers won’t be able to ask questions, if needed. Also, they won’t get their teacher training certificate if they complete the course on their own.

Pavel Kalaydin, VK Artificial Intelligence Laboratory CEO:

«Machine learning is one of the most advanced and promising trends in the IT sphere. But you need to learn a lot to become an expert. We believe that our teachers of Computer Science are more than capable of focusing their students’ attention on the subject while in high school. Results of our research show what the teachers themselves consider to be the most interesting and important key points of the subject. Not only that, we also studied learning habits and types of informational intake. This is why our course well balanced: a blend of professional insights and soft skills, crucial for successful teachers».

Andrey Raygorodsky, the Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics CEO (MIPT):

«Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is a leading center of science and education focusing on cross-disciplinary ties between mathematics and computer science. One of the main areas of focus is artificial intelligence. We believe it’s crucial to share the knowledge we’ve accumulated with school students and their teachers, students from other universities, and for all who are interested in mathematics and informatics. MIPT’s Deep Learning School – free Deep Learning course – operates successfully for a number of years now. When our VKontakte partners launched Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIPT and later offered us to create a new teacher training course, we were both excited and eager to start. Personally, I’m convinced that this course would be extremely useful for Math and IT teachers and students all over Russia. They will discover a lot of new and wonderful things».

VKontakte supports its own IT-community and launches educational courses for tech specialists and teachers. For instance today VKontakte posted the names of scholarship recipients of the third VK Fellowship wave – a program for teachers and authors of either IT or programming online courses. Earlier VKontakte published practical recommendations for long distance learning with help of VK tools. You can find it at VK Education along with information on all rducational resoursesan programs offered by the social network. Moreover, MIPT has a VK Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where students work alongside VKontakte developers on solving theoretical and practical problems and tasks of machine learning.

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