The outcomes of “Big Challenges – 2020” finals

News | 25 May 2020

Educational center “Sirius” released the results of the All-Russian sci-tech projects competition “Big Challenges – 2020”.

We are happy to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the participants of the “Science” winter project school under the auspices of Regional Center for Support of gifted children “Polyaris-Adygea”.

The winner in the nomination “Big Data, AI, financial technologies and machine learning” was Liliana Zhenetl’, an 8 year student of High School #4, named after Adam Khuade in Adygeisk.

The prize-holder in the nomination “Genetics, personalized and preventive medicine” was Diana Dubovaya, a sophomore from Educational Center #7 (in the Maykopskiy district).

May our teenage winners aspire to greater scientific heights! We appreciate the genuine efforts of all participants, teachers and instructors and thank them for the support of young talent in the Republic of Adygea.

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