CMO 2021. Day Three

News | 15 March 2021

Three day of VI Caucasus mathematical olympiad

Just a couple of days left until we learn the results of the 6th Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad. Another day of the Olympiad is over after giving the participants unforgettable emotions.

Today was a day-off and both the participants and the Jury had a chance to catch their breath and forget about the challenging tasks for a bit.

The Western Caucasus welcomed the guests with open arms. Even the weather humored them with rays of March sunshine giving even more positive emotions from a tour through picturesque Guam Canyon.

After the hunger for beauty was satisfied, the participants were offered to sate their intellectual hunger. That’s where the meeting with Andrei Raigorodsky and Alexei Savvateev came into play. In a very simple and capturing manner the masters of math told the children about interesting examples and tasks and showed that math can be fun and fascinating.

The youngest Jury member and four-time winner of the Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad Danila Dyomin also prepared a lecture for the participants.

The day ended with Sergei Dorichenko showing the children the magic of guitar music, which resonated with their souls and brought them even closer together.

What comes next? That we’ll learn tomorrow. Follow us on Vkontakte at and official website of CMO for more updates.

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