Mathematically Running Maykop

Since 2000, Saint Petersburg has been hosting an urban orienteering competition “Running City.” The goal of this competition is to find and get to various locations within the city.

In 2018, a similar project “Mathematically Running Maykop” started in Maykop. The participants have to find locations and solve as many math problems as possible. 

The first quest “Mathematically Running Maykop” took place during the III Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad on March 17, 2018. The problems were composed by Daniil Musatov, PhD, associate professor of the Department of Discrete Mathematics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He came to Maykop a few weeks before the quest to visit various locations in the city and write the problems.

Visit as many stations from the list as possible and solve as many math problems as possible in a certain amount of time.

Teams consist of four people (the number of team members can increase or decrease). The team registers before the start at the registration table. The captain receives all materials: the map with stations, paper to write answers and scores, etc.

 All teams start at the same time. The participants can choose which stations to choose. Obvious stations are marked on the map, and the volunteers on sight check the solution and give points right away. The hidden stations can be discovered if the problem is solved correctly. The problems for hidden stations are given 20 minutes before the start. The teams can choose their strategy themselves. 

At the end of the game, the teams bring their papers back to the jury who calculate the points. The winners of the game are teams who scored most points. In case two teams scored the same number of points, the team who spend less time wins. If the team is late to the finish line by 1-5 minutes, it loses the same number of points as the number of minutes. If the team is late by more than 5 minutes, they lose all their points.

In 2018, 52 teams participated in the quest. Among them were participants of the Olympiad, students, and representatives of various companies in Maykop. The winner of the quest was the team from Astrakhan region, the team from Bulgaria came second, and the third place was shared by the teams from Kabardino-Balkaria and Adygea.

On March 17, 2019, Maykop will host “Mathematically Running Maykop” again. The participants of the IV Caucasus Mathematical Olympiad will have an opportunity to compete in it as well.

On March 17, 2019, Maykop will host “Mathematically Running Maykop” again. Anybody who wishes can compete in it as well.

To participate, the teams need to fill out the form or send an email with the following information: last name, first name, patronymic name for all participants, to Subject line: registration.

Address: ul. Pervomayskaya, 208, Maykop, Republic of Adygea, 385000, Russia